Gifts That Start With Letter X | Letter ‘X’ Themed Gifts

Looking for the best gift ideas that start with X? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve gathered some of our favorite picks, so you can find the perfect present for everyone on your list.

From games to gadgets, there’s something for everyone on this list. Whether you’re looking for something classic or unique, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover all of our top picks!

Gifts That Start With Letter X: Gifts Beginning With X

Who are these gifts for:– These gifts are perfect for

someone whose name begins with letter X
Someone who is searching for the letter ‘X’ themed gifts.
Someone who is obsessed with letter X.

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1. X-Kites

Promising Review: This kite is awesome! It’s huge and will bring a lot of attention when you fly it. Durable materials, super colorful, and easy to fly. This is the 2nd X-Kite I’ve purchased and am a fan. – Truman

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2. Xbox One S 1TB Console

Why We Like It: Play over 2,200 games including more than 200 exclusives and over 600 classics from Xbox 360 and Original Xbox.
Why We Recommend It: Watch 4K Blu ray movies; stream 4K video on Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, among others; and listen to music with Spotify.

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3. Xballs Juggling Balls Professional Set

Why We Like It: We looked at everything you need for the perfect experience and developed the new and improved XBalls.
Why We Recommend It: These almost indestructible balls have been tested under extreme conditions! So use them anywhere you want to put on the show of a lifetime.

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4. Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star

Why We Like It: This is the first expansion for the game Xia: Legends of a Drift System. In its meandering across the galaxy, the drift system of Xia has come into orbit with a dying star.
Why We Recommend It: Uncover the mystery in: Embers of a Forsaken Star This expansion adds: New Sector tiles New Mission cards New Ships A solo campaign And much more!

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5. X-Zylo Flying Gyroscope

Why We Recommend It: Throw it like a baseball and it cruises. With practice, it will fly over 100 yards. The X-zylo needs a lot of room like a park or open field.

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6. Treasure X Adventure Pack

Why We Like It: Find the treasure map within and use the included Dragon’s Eye to crack the code and find out which quest you are going on!
Why We Recommend It: Dig out all the bones and build your Treasure hunter! There are 24 hunter characters to collect!

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7. Xtractaurs Whipslash The Stegosaurus

Why We Like It: Stegosaurus dinosaur figure unlocks exciting battles online.
Why We Recommend It: Extract, Combine, & Fight Online with Xtractaurs.

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8. X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter

Why We Like It: Raise and lower your standing desk converter quickly and quietly with the pneumatic pump assisted lift.
Why We Recommend It: ay goodbye to neck and back pain! With its innovative air pump assist and slim modern frame, the patented X-Elite Pro is the perfect ergonomic solution for any home or office space.

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9. X-ACTO Electric Pencil Sharpener

Why We Like It: Heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener designed specifically for classrooms.
Why We Recommend It: Flyaway cutter system stops cutter automatically when the pencil is sharp.

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10. Xerox Phaser 6510/DNI Color Printer

Why We Like It: Color printer with up to 30 pages per minute speed, two-sided printing, 250-sheet paper capacity, and Front Side USB Port allows for quicker prints and overall powerful performance your business needs to grow.
Why We Recommend It: Keep sensitive documents away from unintended recipients with the latest security features.

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11. Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – JBL

Why We Like It: Hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass. Dual external passive radiators demonstrate just how powerful your speakers are.
Why We Recommend It: Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery supports up to 15 hours of playtime and charges devices via dual USB ports.

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12. Xtreme VR Gaming PC – Gamer

Why We Like It: Destroy the competition with the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR series of gaming desktops.
Why We Recommend It: Coupled with powerful discreet video cards, the Gamer Xtreme series provides a smooth gaming and multimedia experience.

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13. Xtreme-Xplosivs Headphone – JVC

Promising Review: I’ve used these headphones for more than 4 years. In the last two years in an effort to diversify I’ve tried the Beats over ear and the Bowers and Wilkins P3. I always come back to this one. – Bernice Nichols-Parmanand

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14. Xtreme Spotting Scope

Why We Like It: This is the ultimate portable, all-weather spotting scope for trophy hunting and birding.
Why We Recommend It: It’s multi-coated optics give you great visual command of dawn and dusk conditions. Every model has waterproof, rubber-armored housings.

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15. X-Factor Epic Collection

Promising Review: I loved reading these particular comics the first time around. There wasn’t the same feel as when Stan Lee and later Roy Thomas did X-Men in the 60’s but these were still superb stories and worth the read.

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16. X-Factor Door Gym

Why We Like It: Total-body training system engineered to attach to any standard door.
Why We Recommend It: Unique design with progressive resistance exceeding 210 pounds builds strength and add muscle mass.

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17. Xonex Big Art Set

Why We Like It: Create your own. Plain brown paper exterior allows you to personalize all sides of the case.
Why We Recommend It: Create your own. Plain brown paper exterior allows you to personalize all sides of the case.

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18. XP-PEN (for Drawing and E-Learning/Online Classes)

Why We Like It: XP-PEN G640 graphics tablet is designed for digital drawing, painting, sketching, E-signatures, online teaching, remote work, photo editing, etc. 
Why We Recommend It: XP-PEN G640 is an ideal tool for online teaching, e-learning, remote work, web-conferencing, it’s compatible with Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Zoom, Xsplit etc.

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19. X-Wing 2nd Edition Miniatures Game

Why We Recommend It: The Squad-Builder companion app tracks all ships, pilots, and upgrades and makes building and customizing your squadron easier than ever before.

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20. Xia: Legends of a Drift System

Promising Review: This game is brilliant. Do you want to be a pirate or a trader or just explore the galaxy, all is possible. The only downside is that a lot of it comes down to dice rolls which can make it a real rollercoaster. Someone losing can really catch up with a good few dice rolls.

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21. XOXO Women’s Analog Watch

Why We Like It: White and silver-tone XOXO watch with 7 interchangeable rubber watch straps.
Why We Recommend It: Complete set includes our stylish xoxo watch and seven silicone watch bands.

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22. XpressKit Computer Programming tool

Why We Recommend It: More powerful encryption scheme, faster download speed, and higher current output direct Plug and play compatible with the new CANMAX400 and CANMAX400DEI SeriesPlug.

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23. X-ACTO Compression Basic Knife Set

Why We Like It: The X-ACTO precision knife is the original cutting tool for any application requiring a precise, accurate cut. 
Why We Recommend It: Ideal for cutting wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth, and foam board.
Great for Arts and Crafts, including Pumpkin Carving.

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24. Dell XPS 13

Why We Like It: Dell’s smallest 13-inch laptop: Your entertainment can go with you everywhere—starting at just 2.7 pounds, the smaller, thinner XPS 13 is ready for take-off.
Why We Recommend It: The most powerful 13-inch laptop in its class.

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25. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker

Why We Like It: This fitness tracker can track your heart rate 24 hours automatically and continuously.
Why We Recommend It: remind you via vibrating when your phone receives calls, messages, or other notifications from app.

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26. X Shape Bookshelf

Why We Like It: This design is convenient for you to display and put on your books, magazines or potted plant etc.
Why We Recommend It: It is easy and simple for you to assemble because it has few parts. The assembly instruction is also detailed and specific.

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27. X-Ray Room

Why We Like It: Includes two adult figures, one child figure, medical tools, computer X-ray image, bandages, exam table, and other accessories.
Why We Recommend It: Figures can bend, sit, stand and turn their heads.

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28. Foldable Xylophone

Promising Review: This was a gift for my youngest grandson he plays in his middle school band and this gives him the ability to practice at home. He said is sounds just like the one he uses at school. I also love that it folds up into a carrying case. – Presley~D

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29. X-Shaped Apron

Why We Like It: Perfect for gardening, kitchen, chores, artist smocks, or even casual outfit. Cross back style, easy to wear, no hassles of tying an apron.
Why We Recommend It: Each side has a convenient pocket.

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30. Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector

Why We Like It: Mi Smart Compact Projector supports 1920×1080 full HD resolution and is upward compatible with 4K resolution playing. 
Why We Recommend It: Equipped with a highly sensitive camera that effectively improves auto-focusing accuracy and ensures clarity and sharpness.

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31. X-Men, Marvel United Board Game

Why We Recommend It: This board game is suitable for ages 14 and up, ideal for family game nights with teenagers or your group of friends. 

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32. X-Files: The Complete Season

Promising Review: Now I’m really happy I bought the set. In fact, I was so pleased with the release that I have subsequently ordered additional seasons. – Stephen

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33. XENA Warrior Princess CHAKRAM Metal NECKLACE

Promising Review: The charm is nice quality and had a good weight. Not at all thin and fragile like I expected it to be. The chain is poor quality and I will be replacing it right away. Very pleased with my purchase as it’s the charm I wanted. – Jessica Z

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34. xD-Picture Card

Why We Like It: Picture Card compatible with most digital cameras who use M+ 2GB XD cards. Supported models are a picture shown.
Why We Recommend It: Compatible with most xD memory card readers. Such as multi-card readers.

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35. Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – JBL

Why we like it: Hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass. Dual external passive radiators demonstrate just how powerful your speakers are.

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36. Xikar Xi2 Cigar Cutter

Promising Review: Second one since the last was lost in a move. Best cutter I’ve found. Lay it in a flat surface, put your cigar in flat and cut. Even the cigar shop didn’t realize it gave a better and more consistent cut until I showed them. – Quentin0352

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37. Aliens Xenomorph Mini Epics

Why We Like It: cool and quirky vinyl figures from the world of film, television, gaming, and beyond!
Why We Recommend It: To celebrate the anniversary of alien, We’re thrilled to unleash the Xenomorph into our mini-epics mix.

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38. Crown Letter X Rope Chain Necklace

Why We Like It: Everyone should have an initial crown gold necklace, bring me or other people luck and power.
Why We Recommend It: It’s an opportunity to show your love about her. It also a fashion item that can highlight your personality.

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39. LED Marquee Letter X Lights

Why We Like It: This lamp is handmade, the color of black gold collocation reveals old elegant temperament, the lamp bead of high quality is sending out downy light, add warmth to your room.
Why We Recommend It: These marquee lights are portable, it can be hung on walls and can make it stand on the table.

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40. Letter X Cap

Promising Review: I had a X hat when I was a kid (when the movie came out). I wore it mainly as a fashion statement because they were popular. As a man now and more socially aware it is not just about fashion! – Patrick Small

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41. Beer Caps Holder Wall Decor Monogram Letter X

Why We Like It: premium quality birch plywood 0.2” thick and unique monogrammed design.
Why We Recommend It: MONOGRAM wall art is a unique decorative way to display beer caps collection from beer festivals or beer tasting events.

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Gift Ideas for the Letter X – Gifts Beginning With X

We know that you don’t want to gift something generic or boring.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of special gifts that start with X for your friends, women, men, or someone in your circle.

What does it mean if your name starts with X?

If your name starts with ‘X’, it means you are exhibit an extreme amount of enthusiasm and passion in everything that you do. You loves comfort and does not like to be tied down to commitment. You seek luxury and pleasure in your life. 

gifts that start with letter x
gifts that start with letter x

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