Rainbow Gift Ideas | Handpicked Rainbow Color-Themed Gifts

Hey everyone! Looking for some ideas on the best rainbow gifts? Look no further! I’ve gathered some of my favorite rainbow gifts that are perfect for any occasion.

From rainbow bags to rainbows socks, I have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? So take a look and find the perfect present for your loved ones!

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Handpicked Rainbow Gift Ideas

While compiling this list of gifts we make sure selected gifts are unique, useful, and interesting.

Who are these Rainbow Color Gifts for:- These gifts are perfect for

Someone who is searching for the Rainbow color-themed gifts.
Someone whose Favourite color is Rainbow.

Scroll to select from the following rainbow gift ideas. We are sure you will definitely find the perfect rainbow-colored item on this list. Your gift recipients are going to love these gifts.

1. Handmade Bubble Bath Bomb Gift Set

Why We Like It: Relax your body and mind and nourish your skin. Pure natural plant essential oil has good nourishing and healing effects on the skin, and plant fragrance is more elegant and lasting. Long-term use can fundamentally improve the quality of the skin.
Why We Recommend It: Gift of indulgence your loved ones deserve.

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2. Rainbow Purse Bag, Doll Pillow, Blanket, & Birth Certificate

Why We Like It: The ultimate plushy playset includes a mom unicorn, baby unicorn, tote purse bag, pillow, blanket, & birth certificate. 
Who Is It For:  A cute unicorn toy for kids ages 4 years & up.

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3. Heart Crystals Necklace

Why We Like It: This Rainbow necklace’s color is not always gold or purple, it will change its color due to the different angles.
Rainbow Heart Pendant is a stunning contemporary reinterpretation of an adored symbol that represents love and affection.

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4. Rainbow Night Light Projector

Promising Review: ‘I bought this for my granddaughter for her birthday not really expecting much from it but thought she would think it was cool. She set it up in her room today for the first time and all I can say is wow. I want one for my room lol.’ – April K.

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5. Rainbow Rose Artificial Flower

Why We Like It: The rainbow rose flower comes with a beautiful purple galaxy pattern box, the upscale immortal flowers could clearly see without opening the box, you can give it directly to her.
Why We Recommend It: Amaze the love of your life with the gift of an Eternity Rose and give them the token of love they deserve.

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6. Thick Fleece Blanket Rainbow Decorative Sofa Couch Floor Throw

Why We Like It: The perfect accent to elevate your home décor. Turn boring furniture into masterpieces by simply draping it over couches and sofas to add an eye-catching design concept.

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7. Rainbow Silverware Set

Why We Like It: This flatware set is made of premium stainless steel with exquisite mirror polish. The fork, knife, and spoon are heat-resistant and rust-resistant. They are comfortable to hold and durable for daily use.
Why We Recommend It: Perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Weddings, Valentine’s Day, Catered events, Birthday parties, Gathering, Family reunions, Upscale catering, Gift Theme restaurant, home dinner, and more.

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8. Women’s Play Sneaker

Promising Review: ‘These shoes are very nice looking, look great with lots of outfits, and way more comfortable than the shoreline converse I had. I’m a busy mom, and love to grab a pair of shoes that you just slip on and go. The shoes don’t rub or hurt anywhere, and have generous space inside.’ – SJB

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9. Rainbow Fusion Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Why We Like It: Enjoy Your Wine in the most comfortable and stylish %100 Lead-Free stemmed Wine Glasses At almost every special occasion, people choose to share a fine glass of wine. 

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10. Rainbow Rose Flower Gift

Why We Like It: The Forever Rose symbolizes eternal love. It’s a romantic and impressive gift for women to show your love, appreciation, respect, blessing, caring, best wishes, friendship, etc.
Who Is It For: Perfect gifts for Mom, sweet girlfriend gifts, love gifts for wife, special gifts for grandma, gifts for daughter adult, romantic gifts for fiancé and so on.

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11. Pet Lover Remembrance Gift

Why We Like It: Presented in a matching keepsake box plus includes a matching gift card for your personal message.
Made from a textured cardstock veneer and printed sentiment, both with foil accents assembled on a polyresin easel-back frame.

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12. LED Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard RGB Gaming Mouse

Promising Review: ‘I’m really glad that I finally got this after waiting! It’s excellent quality and it’s beautiful the light goes out into sleep mode if you’re not using it and it’s easy to plug in to an external Hub or into the PC.
It was a great investment and it came with a matching mouse which I am not currently using at the moment’ – Amy Jane

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13. Handmade Preserved Flower Rose Jewelry Gift Box

Why We Like It: roses can last for 3-5 years with proper care, do not water and try not to touch the petals, also avoid direct sunshine and keep it in a dry environment.

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14. Rainbow Stick Burner Figurine with 7 Chakra

Promising Review: ‘It is very pretty to look at I did have to take a little screwdriver to make the whole little bigger so that the instant sticks with fit in it the holes were too small. Otherwise it’s good’ – Owana Rogers

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15. Animal Prints Pajamas

Why We Like It: These adult onesie pajamas are made using an ultra-soft synthetic material that feels incredibly cozy and keeps you warm during those cold nights.

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16. Rainbow Bonsai Money Tree

Why We Like It: Crystals and crystal trees are said to enhance healing energies and focus energies in positive ways. Many people use them as a focus object for meditation and find their visual presence to be calming.
Why We Recommend It: Each crystal tree comes with a velvet bag and black box, a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.

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17. Rainbow Colorblock Felt Letter Board

Why We Like It: Luxuriously soft announcement boards with letters are made from sustainable polyester. Exceptional quality, handmade Letter Board With Letters And Numbers. Our Message Board is built with love, to last.

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18. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set in Gift Box 

Why We Like It: The blades are high quality, durable stainless steel honed to razor sharpness for cutting ease.
Why We Recommend It: Chef’s Vision Knives not only look beautiful and can prepare your favorite dishes but they also make a stunning, unique present.

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19. Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt

Promising Review: ‘I bought this as a gift and the recipient was more than pleased with it. Bright vibrant colors, gorgeous picture oh, and we couldn’t be more pleased’ – Becky Wolf

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20. Rainbow Metal Game Dice Set

Why We Like It: This is the new fashion style Hollow fine copper dice. There are bigger but lighter than normal metal dice.
You will hear a beautiful jingling sound when shaken in your hand or roll them. It is a very popular dice gift for friends and filmily.

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21. Moon Lamp – Dimmable 16 Colors

Why We Like It: The moon 3D lamp can stay on 16 solid colors or be switched between fast flashing, slow flashing, or gradient. It is fantastic to fill your room with dreamy and beautiful rainbow colors.
Why We Recommend It:  Perfect gift & decoration item full of novelty and creative ideas. It is amazing to have it in your hands glowing and flashing and fantastic to fill your room with romantic colors.

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22. Musical Rainbow Tea Party

Why We Like It: Tea Party is a 10-piece set that lights up in six colors and features songs and surprises. Features 7 tea-time learning songs and 50+ phrases and sounds
Who Is It For: Adorable gift set for kids.

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23. Abstract Tablecloth, Multicolored Expressionist Work of Art

Why We Like It: Highly unique, versatile and fun table cloth.
A wonderful and luxurious setting for your family and friends to enjoy together.

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24. Sterling Silver Rainbow Planet Galaxy Anklet

Why We Like It: Rainbow represents the energy of blessings, and tell us to hold onto hope, to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt.
This elegant and beautiful anklet is perfect for any outfit. 

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25. Buddha Under The Rainbow Figurine

Why We Like It: Buddha under the rainbow attracts all positive aspects such as blessing, wealth, success, career, good health and children.
Why We Recommend It: Great Housewarming/Congratulatory Gift or decorative statue to display. 

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26. Hoverboard

Why We Like It: Emaxusa hoverboards have passed strict electrical tests and meet UL2272 standards to ensure safety. You and your kids can enjoy happy hours without concern for safety.

27. Rainbow Striped Colorful Coffee Mug Cup

Promising Review: ‘Just love these mugs. They have an ample handle for an easy grip and they are just the perfect size. The colorful smooth glaze is appreciated. Be careful. The mugs are addictive. You’ll probably want more than one or two. I did after my initial order.’ – WJ

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28. Holy Death Santa Muerte Holding Scythe (Rainbow Spectrum)

Promising Review: ‘It was bigger then I expected which was awesome! Nicely packaged and it came really fast. Love it’ – Jessica
Why We Like It: This Santa Muerte Holding Globe Scythe Scales Figurine is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished individually.

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29. Colorful Rainbow French Coffee Press & Tea Makers

Why We Like It: This stainless steel coffee press features a double-walled design and stainless steel French press that ensures you will have a hot beverage from the first cup, to the last. 
Why We Recommend It: This stainless steel french press is the ideal gift to give any coffee or tea lover in your life. Give the gift of fresh taste with our stainless steel coffee maker.

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30. Kitchen Utensil Set

Why We Like It: Replace your boring plain black utensils with colorful & exotic Packwood to spice up your space and bring new life to your kitchen.
 These non-stick utensils are easy to clean and maintain, taking the hassle out of kitchen cleanup.
Great for gifting as well.

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31. Rainbow Canopy Umbrella

Promising Review: ‘I use my umbrellas for sun shade not so much for rain as I have to stay out of the sun. I also live in a very windy location. I’ve destroyed some really nice umbrellas over the years from the wind.
This is an AMAZING umbrella! Very nicely crafted, with double the spines inside the umbrella and super sturdy! I love it!’ – C Evans

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32. Rainbow Pride Plush Flag Blanket

Promising Review: ‘My mother wanted to get my sister a pride flag blanket for her birthday and had searched all of the stores at the mall with no luck. She mentioned it when she and I were out to dinner, and this blanket popped up as one of the first results when I looked it up.’ – Rebecca D.

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33. Women’s Fashion Floral Art Sneaker

Why We Like It:  The bionic design fits your feet comfortably while shoe lightweight saves your energy even after taking thousands of steps.
Why We Recommend It: No matter if you’re shopping for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, sister, friend, or kid, these unique painted shoes will help to express your love and catch the eyesight of others.

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34. Rock and Roll It – The Original Rainbow Piano

Why We Like It:  The colorful piano keyboard features a unique Play-By-Color song booklet. The best educational piano keyboard for kids to follow the colors and learn to play whole songs. Top Holiday Toys Award winner!
Why We Recommend It: Foldable Piano Keyboard for All Ages: The soft piano pad is portable and flexible. 

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35. Rainbow Colors Rose

Promising Review: ‘My wife is allergic to real flowers, so I’m always trying to come up with alternative ideas. This was well packaged and looked great. The Roses are hollow, but they would be really top-heavy if they were solid chocolate (and prone to falling over).’ – Kurt

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36. Angel Wing Love Heart Necklace

Why We Recommend It: The combination of heart shape crystals add an irresistible sparkle to your daily look. It is a perfect match to evening gown, cocktail dress, wedding dress or blouse and jeans.
Who Is It For: Gift for gf, wife or fiancé.

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37. Deluxe Rainbow Waterfall Chime

Promising Review: ‘This windchime is beautiful and very durable. It can be very windy at times where I live and none of the chimes has been broken. I really like it.’ – Suzanne Edwards
Why We Like It: This waterfall chime makes gentle noise and loos super pretty wherever you hang it.

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38. Champagne/Wine Glasses, Set of 4

Why We Like It: Made of glass enabling the color of the Wine to shine. Elegant look and adds to any table’s aesthetics with their contemporary design. Increase the overall drinking experience and is strongly recommended by health experts.

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39. Rainbow Color Chunky Knit Blanket

Why We Like It: 100% handmade large knitted throw. The chenille yarn makes these throw blankets extra soft, cozy and warm. Fluffy, super soft and gentle to touch.
Why We Recommend It: These gorgeous beautiful blankets will be a great gift for you or someone you love.

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40. Berglander Flatware Set 20 Piece

Why We Like It: Timeless elegant design makes this silverware appropriate for formal events or everyday meals.
These are Designed to provide good grip for adults and children.

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41. Glass X-Cube Prism for Physics and Decoration

Promising Review: ‘I bought a bunch of crystals to refract a window sill sunlight because I like seeing rainbows around the house. I find it cheerful, as does my kids. These are nice in that they are pleasant to look at and refract differently than other crystals.’ – K. Miao

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Rainbow color gifts

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